Hageland Wezemaal

Hageland is one of the few regions in Belgium that have a considerable number of vineyards and wineries. To highlight this unique asset, the tourist department of the province of Flemish Brabant decided to restyle the viticulture visitor centre that’s situated in the heart of the Hageland region. In 2012, Studio Farris won the competition that was issued for this purpose.
The visitor centre gave a messy overall impression, the exhibition wasn’t up-to-date and visitors lost their way due to a lack of signs. The documentary shown on the upper floor was often passed by.
Studio Farris Architects developed a concept with a continuous black ribbon which guides visitors through different themes concerning Hageland wine. The whole exhibition was incorporated in this ribbon, leaving the central part of the room free. The graphic design and copywriting of the exhibition were part of the assignment.

As an addition to the basic information on the exhibition ribbon, iPads are provided, allowing visitors to access all kinds of extra information on walking and cycling routes, winery locations and recipes with local produce. By using a smart application, this information can be accessed and updated in a very simple way.
In order to ensure that the iPads, books and leaflets are practical to use, a large multi-function table was placed in the centre of the space. It can also be used for workshops, and the possibility to sit down encourages visitors to take their time when visiting the centre. This table becomes an interactive addition to the basic content that is displayed on the exhibition ribbon. The reception desk is part of the same table, making requests for additional information and interaction with the staff much easier. The table is the shape of the province of Flemish Brabant and consists of OSB panels with the main views of the Hageland region printed on them, a reference to the printed text on wooden wine crates. The legs of the tables and the stools are made of cork.

competition winner
client Municipality of Wezemaal
surface 250 m²
function cultural, hospitality
intervention new, refurbishment, interior
location Wezemaal, BE
year 2013
project status built

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